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Boston is returning to a modified Phase 2, Step 2 beginning December 16. For the latest updates, please visit our coronavirus (COVID-19) website:
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Contact: Public Works

What to know

  • Tell those who need to know about your new address, like the U.S. Postal Service, , and utilities and banks.
  • Using a moving van? You can reserve a parking spot. You need to apply at least two weeks ahead of your move.
  • The default speed limit in Boston is 25 mph. If you don't see a sign, .
  • Know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.
  • COVID-19 precautions

    Xổ số may mắn hàng tuầnAs we continue to grapple with the coronavirus, please help us by doing your part. Remember to:

    • wear a face covering
    • wash your hands often
    •  avoid large gatherings, and
    • stay six feet away from others.

    Learn more about the City's COVID-19 efforts.

    Moving Day
    • You can’t drive moving trucks on Storrow Drive due to low clearance. The height limit is 10 feet.
    • If someone takes the parking spot you reserved for your moving van, call the Boston Police Department at 617-343-4911.
    • Check how to get rid of your old couch, TV, moving boxes, and more with our .

    Moving Day parking permits


    Xổ số may mắn hàng tuầnIt is not legally required, but in some neighborhoods we recommend you get a permit. A one-day (7 a.m.- 5 p.m.) permit will allow you to reserve a parking space. This is a courtesy to your new neighbors. You'll also ensure that your vehicle is parked legally.

    Apply for a permit online


    The typical fee is $80 to $120. You can pay by check, money order, or a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover debit or credit card. To apply in person, you'll need to visit the Parking Clerk's Office on the second floor of City Hall. Learn more about the in-person permit process.

    Get rid of trash

    Contact: Public Works

    Xổ số may mắn hàng tuầnBe sure to dispose of your waste properly in your new neighborhood.

    Learn the rules

    Xổ số may mắn hàng tuầnWe have information on trash pickups, leaf and yard waste, composting, and much more. Find out everything you need to know about trash and recycling in the City of Boston through our guide:

    Trash and recycling guide


    Look up your item to figure out if it can be recycled, trashed, or needs a special, free pick-up by the City. Proper trash disposal eliminates waste on the streets, keeps sidewalks clear, and decreases pests.


    Several Greater Boston organizations arrange a free pickup of your good-condition furniture or goods, including:

    Rental unit requirements

    Rental requirements
    What does a rental need to have?

    Xổ số may mắn hàng tuầnWhen a new tenant moves in, rental units must meet certain minimum requirements. If your home falls short, we can help.

    Housing code requirements


    Xổ số may mắn hàng tuầnA rental must include heat, adequate exits, and toilets. The unit can’t have any defects that could harm renters, like fire hazards and other dangers.


    A rental must be free of garbage and other waste.

    Ownership information

    Xổ số may mắn hàng tuầnIf the property owner doesn’t live in the building, they need to make their contact information visible.


    Property owners must maintain functioning carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

    Your new neighborhood

    Our tools will help you get to know your new Boston neighborhood.


    Xổ số may mắn hàng tuầnEnter your property address to get detailed information about your community, such as the nearest library or community center. You can even find out what day we pick up your trash or where to vote.

    Find your neighborhood


    These work to make sure you have access to the City's services. They can also connect you to the Mayor's office.

    Departments You May Need