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How to get married in Boston

Want to get married in the City of Boston? Here’s what to do:

 to select a day and time for your appointment. Our scheduler books up quickly, but more times become available if there are cancellations. More appointments will open up on December 16 at 10 a.m. Please be aware that an appointment slot has not been reserved until you hit submit. Appointments generally fill up within five minutes. You may need to refresh the page at 10 a.m. to see the appointments.

Clergy from outside of Massachusetts can marry you as long as they get .


Make it official

The person who performed the ceremony needs to complete the marriage license and mail it to the City:

Registry Division
1 City Hall Square, Room 213
Boston, MA 02201-2006

Don't forget about your marriage certificate

After the wedding, if you want a copy of your marriage certificate it’s $12 in person and $14 by mail. Learn more about marriage certificates.

Need to Know:

After the wedding, if you want a copy of your marriage certificate, it’s $12 in person and $14 by mail. Please note: In-person appointments for marriage certificates are on hold due to COVID-19. Please order your certificate online or through the mail. Learn more about marriage certificates.

Registry: Birth, death, and marriage
1 City Hall Square
Room 213
Boston, MA 02201-2006

Keep in mind

Getting married after divorce

You can’t apply for a marriage license until at least one day after the divorce is final. In Massachusetts, a divorce is not considered final until after 90 days.

Check your divorce decree for the exact date your divorce is final. If you're a resident of Massachusetts and recently got divorced outside of the state, please contact us at 617-635-4175.

Domestic partnerships

If you want to file a domestic partnership, or end a domestic partnership, you need to contact the City Clerk's Office.

What if you both can’t visit City Hall?

Call us if:

  • You are a Massachusetts resident and either you or your partner are on active military duty and not in the state.
  • Special circumstances, like a hospitalization or imprisonment, prevent either you or your partner from coming to City Hall.

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